Sustainability powered by Ethical AI™

Climauri is on a mission to solve the issue of finding trustworthy, actionable, and reliable information on sustainability-related topics online.

With over 5 billion people accessing the internet, accessing accurate, timely, or trustworthy information is increasingly challenging, leading to distorted views of critical public issues and potentially severe consequences.

Climauri’s proposed solution involves creating a Domain Specific Knowledge Graph (DSKG) on sustainability and the environment, augmenting it with unpublished and high-quality data, and providing public access through a virtual concierge powered by ethical AI.

Our team members are experts in AI, cloud technology, digital media, and conservation and have experience launching over 50 global products, programs, and technology startups that empower millions.

We count on seed funding from Connect Sparks and we are working on our MVP.

Our Mission

Our mission is to organize the sustainability-related world’s information from trusted and reputable sources, to empower individuals and organizations to create a more sustainable world.

Sustainability Concierge powered by GPT with Free access for all.

A virtual concierge that leverages a powerful domain-specific knowledge graph –DSKG, carefully curated by our data science experts in collaboration with leading organizations. This graph is created using trusted public and private sources and represents a wealth of knowledge on sustainability, climate action, and environmental protection. See this research paper published by our team about DSKG to serve the Public.

We use powerful Generative AI technology to create an optimal user experience. It can recommend trusted resources, tools, and frameworks based on the user’s specific needs, saving them valuable time and energy while ensuring they can access the information needed to make informed decisions.

Climauri, the combination of ‘Clima’ (Climate in Spanish) and ‘Mauri’ (meaning life force or essence in Māori), emphasizes the vital connection between climate and the natural world’s life force. 

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