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Impact-Data to Improve Fundraising and Operations

Unlock the power of data to boost your nonprofit’s fundraising, operations, and impact.

Our data strategies have helped organizations of all sizes improve donor retention, open new income sources, and increase staff and volunteer engagement. An impact-data strategy can also help scale your operations and influence change in legislation and regulations.

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Our approach to Capital-Efficient Data Strategies under Ethical Principles

Don’t let the fear of complexity and high costs hold you back from harnessing the power of data. We prioritize cost-effective solutions and avoid complex technologies that can be hard to manage. Our approach has been successful for small nonprofits, social tech startups, and large foundations in the US.

We focus on affordable off-the-shelf software tools to collect and analyze data during your regular operations. We then create compelling visualizations of your impact that inspire your staff, volunteers, grantors, and local communities.

Affordable & Fast

  • Built with your team to ensure execution capacity
  • Using proven off-the-shelf technologies and templates
  • Starts at $15,000

Assessment and Roadmap

We start by listening to the frontline staff and volunteers, understanding their processes and needs, and evaluating how the impact data can be observed or gathered under ethical principles.

Quick Prototyping

We create quick prototypes of visualization dashboards and test them with staff, volunteers, and existing and potential donors.

Capital-Efficient Execution

We evaluate off-the-shelf solutions and custom solutions in cases of vast datasets to gather, organize, analyze and visualize impact data continuously.

Start improving fundraising and operations in less than five weeks

Our program starts at $10K. Schedule a free consultation with us today, and let’s work together to find a solution that fits your budget.

Driving Impact Together

We've worked with some of the world's most respected and impactful companies, from cause-driven organizations to social impact tech startups. We have helped them with Digital Transformation, Capitalization, Fundraising, Applied Data Sciences, Product Strategy, and Sustainability via Revenues.

Trust us to lead you on your journey to success and take your impact to the next level with a purpose-driven approach.

Unlock the Full Potential of Impact Data for Your Nonprofit

Unlock the full potential of your nonprofit with our Impact-Data Program. Schedule a free consultation and improve your fundraising and operations in less than 5 weeks. Starting at $15K.

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