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Connect Sparks is a boutique advisory firm with a team of experts dedicated to delivering strategic guidance and operational support in a hands-on model. We leverage our experience as Fortune 500 Executives, Successful Tech Entrepreneurs, and creators of socially impactful organizations to help your organization succeed through purpose, innovation, and operational excellence principles.

As its founder and CEO, I am personally invested in your success.

Luis J. Salazar

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Accelerate Growth, Expand and Transform your Organization

We have a boutique approach combining strategy and operational support in a hands-on model. I’ll personally join your organization as a part-time leadership team member and bring recognized subject matter experts as needed.

Accelerate growth, innovate, and reach your goals.

Let’s make it happen together.

Accelerate Growth

We identify the critical elements of your product or program, monetization, and go-to-market strategy, prioritizing tactics that drive results in months, not years.

New Markets

We identify capital-efficient ways to win in selected niches and build market expansion plans informed by successful execution leveraging our network.

European and Latin-American expansion into the US

We create leveraged and cash-efficient market entry plans, including developing the most efficient channels.

Innovation & Product

We co-create refined product roadmaps, digital transformation strategies, and agile execution plans to maximize growth in capital-efficient ways.

Capital Raising and M&A

We work on market assessment, go-to-market, competitive landscape, monetization, and unit economics to unleash fundraising efforts at optimal valuations.

AI Transformation

Through our subsidiary, we provide data intelligence, insights, and tools related to the responsible use of AI to drive growth.

Purpose-driven Leadership Growth

I believe in the transformative power of purpose-driven strategies to drive financial returns and make a real difference. Learn more about our Speaking Engagements: “Finding Purpose: Unlocking Your Organization’s and Individual Potential” and our Purpose-driven executive sessions: with teams of up to 20 individuals to establish the foundation to operate as a purpose-driven organization that achieves financial success while making a positive impact.

Be Purpose-driven

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Driving Impact Together

We've worked with some of the world's most respected and impactful companies, from cause-driven organizations to social impact tech startups. We have helped them with Digital Transformation, Capitalization, Fundraising, Applied Data Sciences, Product Strategy, and Sustainability via Revenues.

Trust us to lead you on your journey to success and take your impact to the next level with a purpose-driven approach.

Experience and Purpose

I am a results-driven leader passionate about creating positive change through technology and creating purpose-driven teams and organizations. My corporate experience includes launching over 50 successful global products and programs at Microsoft, where I co-founded Office Live, led SB innovation at MSN, and led global sales and marketing to small businesses and mid-market, at Yahoo as Global VP of Product, ABB (Latinamerica), and Xerox. I co-founded several successful startups, including Giving Tech Labs, VidaNyx, X4Impact, Giving Compass Network, Suvotek, Optio3 (acquired by CoreStack), and Global Market Insite (acquired by Kantar).

This experience gave me a unique perspective on innovation in the business world in the broader context of social impact, and I can identify and capitalize on new opportunities. I am passionate about making a difference in the world.

I believe in building diverse and purpose-driven teams with clear goals and data-informed strategies that drive innovation and achieve the best possible outcomes. I have a proven track record of building teams that are not only diverse but also committed to a common purpose, which in turn drives better results.

Let's work together to unleash your potential and make a meaningful impact.

Luis J. Salazar

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