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Actionable Insights to Power your Startup, Nonprofit and Corporate Social Impact Programs

Connect Sparks provides advisory services, insights, and tools on go-to-market, data sciences, monetization, product strategy, and capital raising to Cause-driven Technology Startups and Nonprofits. We also advise Fortune 500 companies and large Foundations on how to structure Positive Social Impact Programs and go-to-market strategies that deliver results at scale.

We have launched over 30 Global Products and 7 successful Cause-driven Tech Startups. We can help you succeed and deliver a positive impact.

We Help You Achieve Your Goals

Nonprofits & Foundations

Drive Digital Transformation by analyzing technologies you can license, partner with, or build to help your organization deliver on its mission.

Cause-driven Tech Startups

Refine product strategy and monetization, identify alternative revenue sources, create value through data sciences, launch capital-efficient go-to-market campaigns or refine capital-raising strategies.

Venture Capital & Angel Investors

Inform your due diligence process with insights on addressable markets, relative competitive advantage, partners’ ecosystems, monetization models, and data sciences.

Investors & Large Companies

Identify revenue opportunities and channel models to serve the US Nonprofit sector, which reports an annual income of $3 Trillion with a surplus of $410B, engages 120 million employees and volunteers, and spends +$100B in consulting and IT services.

Helping World-Leading Organizations and Tech Startups

This is a selection of the cause-driven companies our leaders launched or provided services related to Digital Transformation, Capitalization, Fundraising, Applied Data Sciences, Product Strategy, and Sustainability via Revenues.

Resources for Startups, Nonprofits & Investors

We continuously publish free documents and frameworks that helped us go from an idea to having an operating company delivering value to hundreds of thousands or improving mission-delivery thanks to technology and data sciences.


Operational Support to Maximize Revenue, Impact and Investments

We use our proven models, proprietary tools, Databases, and methodologies to provide executive support on Data Sciences, Product Strategy and Roadmap, Channel models, Unit Economics, and Monetization Models, as well as due diligence for investments and M&A.

We have experience launching successful cause-driven technology companies, achieving $450K ARR in less than one year after launching the product. We deeply understand the $3T annual economy in the nonprofit sector, the flow of money, and their unique needs to help them deliver on their mission.

Impact Data to Guide Operations and Growth

We help define impact metrics and the data science work related to creating those reports; for example, this impact report from VidaNyx, the leading digital criminal evidence software.

These data-related strategies result in internal dashboards to guide prioritization and execution and identify opportunities to monetize data as a product.

Capital Raising and Alternative Funding

We assist in creating pitch decks and definitions of capital-raising strategies from angel investors, venture capital and private equity firms, foundations, and government sources

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation strategies include analyzing technologies to license or partner with, creating a product roadmap to deliver value and growth within nine months, and evaluating cloud and mobile strategies and teams.

60 Seconds that Inspire Us

The image of a wheel with 13 slices. On each slide a social problem such as hunger, mental health, addiction, food waste, etc is summarized in one metric

Tech entrepreneurs and venture capitalists proudly talk about the one-minute on the Internet. Every 60 seconds, we exchange over 250 million emails and instant messages, stream over 7 million videos, and swipe 1.4 million times, searching for love.

However, every minute in the US, one child is sexually abused, and we throw away over $300,000 in edible food while 41 million people experience food insecurity. Every 60 seconds, 44 million people struggle with mental health issues.

It is this “other” minute we do not talk about enough; we focus our Capital and IP creation on backing entrepreneurs inspired by this other minute.

We have experience building capital-efficient software companies that address social issues and deliver substantial value to clients. 


ConnectSparks team and operating advisors have global experience in monetization and business modeling, capital markets, technology innovation, data sciences, artificial intelligence, machine learning, cybersecurity, mental health, and social connectedness, among other areas.

As a Global Fortune 500 executive, Luis Salazar has led the launch of more than 30 global products in the consumer and business spaces at Yahoo, Microsoft, GMI, Xerox, and ABB. As a serial tech entrepreneur since 2011, he co-founded 7 Software as a Service, Consumer, and IoT companies. In 2017 he focused on Technology for Positive Social Impact, co-founding Giving Tech Labs. They launched 5 Tech Startups addressing Social Problems, went through 4 exits, and published or sparked 15 patents, research papers, government proclamations, and new legislation. Each company generated +$450K ARR during their incubation phase before an exit and generated returns of 0.8x to 12x while also delivering a positive social impact to over 400,000 individuals every month.

Luis Salazar

CEO, Managing Director

Dr. Ying Li, is a world’s renowned data scientist recognized for her substantial contributions to the practice and application of data mining and her outstanding service to the global Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) community. She led Microsoft’s first efforts on behavioral targeting, data mining, machine learning, Internet monetization, business intelligence, and online privacy. She has filed over 90 patent applications (3 of them with Luis Salazar) in data mining, machine learning, computational advertising, software performance optimization, computer program tracing, profiling, and analysis. She Chairs over 15 international conferences.

Dr. Ying Li

Operating Advisor, Data Sciences & Machine Learning

Alex Gounares, Founder of Poliverse, the worlds leading cybersecurity vendor of moving target defense technologies. Alex served as AOL’s Chief Technology Officer, and previously he was the Corporate Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Microsoft’s Online Services Division. Alex served for three years as Technology Advisor to Microsoft Chairman and founder Bill Gates, as well as Corporate Vice President of Corporate Strategy in Microsoft’s Finance Department.

Alexander Gounares

Operating Advisor, Cybersecurity and SaaS

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